Mini Gloss & Go Lipgloss


Our travel friendly glosses come in a variety of shades from Classic Nudes to bold Blues. Fits in the smallest handbag, perfect for on the go! •infused with vitamin e• Reflective glossy finish •sweet cupcake scent• TSA friendly 

Color: It’s Mocha

  • It’s Mocha
  • Chocolate
  • Peach Fairy
  • Chai
  • Red Velvet
  • Fudge Truffle
  • Foreign’s Navy
  • Heart of Marilyn
  • Fairy Dream
  • Punk Barbie
  • Rose Bomb
  • Cinnajam
  • Naked Petal
  • Star Bomb Lip Topper (Star Confetti)

It’s mocha, Chocolate, Peach fairy, Chai, Red velvet, Fudge truffle, Foreign’s navy, Heart of marilyn, Sugar cookie, Fairy dream, Punk barbie, Rose bomb, Cinnajam, Naked petal, Star bomb lip topper (star confetti)